There are many ways, in addition to this web site, that the school and the PPTG will communicate with parents, as well as parents communicating with each other:

Peralta Broadcast

The Peralta Broadcast is a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter with Peralta, PPTG and Community news. And usually a fun little contest, for those who like that sort of thing.  Pictures of your kids, almost always. We try to have a good time writing it. We want you to want to read it. 

  • How to Subscribe : Please enter your email address (name optional) in the form and click the Subscribe button.
  • Do you have something for the Broadcast? - The Peralta Broadcast is sent every other Tuesday that school is in session. Please send news or information you believe would interest the Peralta community. Note that we do not publish information about lessons, classes or summer camps — the Peralta Community Yahoo Group does, however. If you have anything to include in the Broadcast, please email us. We also take suggestions. 
  • Unsubscribing - Each and every Peralta Broadcast email includes an Unsubscribe button. If you click this, the email address will NEVER again be able to receive the Broadcast without you personally updating your subscription. From the Broadcast email, click on the “Manage your subscription” link to view a Web page where you can unsubscribe from the list or change the email address at which you receive the Broadcast.
  • To contact the Broadcast Editor, please email

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Yahoo Community Group

The Peralta Community Yahoo Group supports all things Peralta.  Use this group for any topic related to school, parenting, items for sale, opportunities for families, events, etc.

Monthly Folders

Look for communications from the school and PPTG coming home in your child's backpack.

Room Parents & Class Google Groups

Every class will have its own email list for sending questions, notices, etc. to other members of the class. Submit your email to the room parent at the beginning of the year to stay up to date with everything going on with your child's class.

Social Media

  • Facebook - Connect with the PPTG and other parents on Facebook. 
  • Twitter - Updates about Peralta (working on getting better at tweeting!)

Peralta Web Site

This web site ( will be updated with news and school information, you can also access it on the go in an easy-to-use mobile format.  Thanks for being part of the Peralta Community.